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Named Game Changer in 2017 by License Global Magazine, Janice Ross is founder and Managing Partner of Brand Fresh Management. With 20+ years of global licensing and branding experience, Ross builds and executes innovative consumer product strategies that drive maximum revenue results along with brand longevity.

Ross is a lifelong learner known for her authenticity and compassionate leadership. She moves with intention and a commitment to deliver results.  

Building trusted relationships is Ross' superpower. She has an expansive network of executives that spans across all areas of the consumer products industry. 

As President of Women in Toys, Licensing and Entertainment, she's a catalyst for change and a passionate proponent of advancing women through mentoring, leadership opportunities and educational programs.

Companies that Ross has worked with include LEGO, American Greetings and Lisa Frank, Inc.  Her credits include Producer on Bionicle: Mask of Light and Co-Producer on Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui.

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